Need a dance costume for your recital or competition? Spirals Designs will work closely with you to create your perfect custom dance costumes.

Please browse our gallery of dance costumes. Once you are done, feel free to contact Spirals Designs to arrange your in-person consultation. Read more about the ordering process.

Spirals Designs looks forward to working with you to fulfill the needs for all of your custom dance costumes.

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cosplay repair kit

10 Things to Include in Your Cosplay Repair Kit

Cosplay season is just around the corner. You’ve spent hours/weeks/days/months creating the perfect costume for the occasion. Nothing is worse than spending so much time, love, and care creating your cosplay outfit and something happens to damage it. Before you step out into the convention scene, be sure to pack your cosplay repair kit. Below […]

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testimonial 3

Testimonial 3

You have done some GORGEOUS dresses for girls at our skating club! I am so impressed with all of them. I saw the pictures they sent you on your Facebook / website so I thought maybe I’d send you some of Saffron wearing your dress during her competitions. She gets complimented on her dress at […]

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tesimonial 2

testimonial 2

Wow Marsha, Just got home from work and got Alex to put her dress on. It looks amazing and fits beautifully. I love the sparkle detail on the bodice and the top of the skirt. Thanks for another great job and we’ll send you some pictures when we have some. Cheers, – Helen.

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testimonial image

Testimonial 1

Thank you so much for the dresses! They both look fabulous and worked out great! I was complimented countless times at the competition on my Egyptian dress and got asked where I got it made as well! Thank you very much for everything! -Katey

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