3 Tips for Selecting Your Figure Skating Competition Dress


Figure Skating Competition Dress by Spirals Designs

The right figure skating competition dress is an integral part of any performance on the ice, whether it be practice, testing, or an Olympic competition. A female figure skater needs to look her best when performing, and wearing a well-fitting, well-made dress ensures she does. Select an ice skating dress or skirt according to the type of program, such as ice dancing, competitive figure skating, or testing.  Lastly, make sure it fits well and flatters the skater’s figure before adding it to your ice skating wardrobe.

Elaborately decorated competition dresses incorporate crystals, lace, sequins, and chiffon into bright color combinations to create costumes judges remember. Figure skating competition dresses are designed to capture the attention of both audience and judge and help spectators connect the performance to the emotions of the music. Competition dresses are made to sparkle, and their high prices reflect the extra materials and craftsmanship that goes into creating them. A well-made competition dress can be a great addition to a skater’s routine.

Here are three things to consider when selecting your figure skating competition dress:

1. Necklines

Ice skaters should pay attention to necklines when selecting ice skating dresses. Although comfort is the most important consideration, buyers should also keep in mind whether a high or low neckline most flatters the wearer.

2. Skirts

Like necklines, the skirts on ice skating dresses are cut and styled in ways to flatter different body types. Skaters with thin hips benefit from the fuller cut of bell-shaped skirts. Skirts that are slanted, or longer on one side than the other, tend to elongate the body and have more flow. Layered skirts can add a lot of movement to a lively routine, and can be used to add color accents to a costume.

3. Fit

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing an ice skating dress is how well it fits. An ice skating dress should fit like a one-piece swimsuit. It should feel snug, but not tight. If it shows wrinkles or ripples when worn, try one a size smaller. If it pulls and constricts when worn, go up one size. Don’t buy a dress with the intent that the skater will grow into it.  Skaters should look their best at every age, and a wrinkled, sagging dress can detract from an otherwise exemplary performance on the ice.

Spirals Designs hopes these tips will help you when selecting your figure skating competition dress.

Please browse our gallery of custom figure skating competition dresses. Once you are done, feel free to contact Spirals Designs to arrange your in-person consultation. Read more about the ordering process.

Spirals Designs looks forward to working with you to create your perfect figure skating competition dress.

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