10 Tips For Caring For Your Figure Skating Competition Dresses

Figure Skating Competition Dresses

Figure Skating Competition Dress by Spirals Designs

Caring for your figure skating competition dresses can be a daunting task. There are so many things to think about: sweat stain and odour protection, checking for loose stones, storing, washing, and repairing.

Your figure skating competition dresses probably cost a lot, so you want to make sure you’re taking the best possible care to ensure your dresses hold up.

Spirals Designs is committed to helping you take care of your investment.

Here are 10 tips to help you care for your figure skating competition dresses:

1. Put a little hand sanitizer under your arms before you put on a costume with sleeves.

Odour is caused by bacteria, so hand sanitizer actually works much better than deodorant for protecting your figure skating competition dresses. However, it is best to use both by applying the hand sanitizer first, then a clear type of stick deodorant or a deodorant spray after.

Also keep some on hand to freshen up between heats.

2. Air out your figure skating competition dresses immediately after every use.

Airing out your dresses is really easy. Simply turn it inside-out as soon as you take it off.

3. Never ever store your figure skating competition dresses in a plastic garment bag, or a suitcase.

Doing so traps odours and moisture. You need to have air circulation around your costume, whether it is hanging up or lying flat.

Lying flat may be the better option to store very heavy costumes with sleeves, so the sleeves do not get stretch out.

One way or another, the costume needs to be exposed to a steady flow of air, protected from dust and be away from any direct sunlight.

5. Check your figure skating competition dresses for missing or loose stones or any other damage, right after every competition, not just before the next.

If you wait too long, your designer may not be able to fix your costume in time. It is also a good idea to get extra stones to do your own quick replacements.

Plan ahead by getting a few extra rhinestones, from your designer when you buy, that are unique sizes or colours. Also, keep some SS20 (4.7 mm size) rhinestones in plain crystal and AB crystal colours on hand at all times since they are the most commonly used.

figure skating competition dresses

Figure Skating Competition Dress by Spirals Designs

6. In general, you should never dry clean your figure skating competition dresses that have rhinestones.

Dry cleaning will make the stones dull and may loosen the glue.

The cleaning process used for bridal gowns is sometimes better, but is still not the best choice.

7. Some designers will wash their own garments for you, with a caveat.

You can always ask, but please expect to pay. Even if garment maintenance is part of the service they offer for their costumes, cleaning has nothing to do with the construction so is it rarely part of the deal.

8. If you are washing your figure skating competition dresses yourself, you can often get away with focusing on hand washing the body suit.

For any costume, always test the fabric first before any washing. For some materials, such as silk or anything silk-like, it might be best to submerge the entire garment completely in a bathtub to prevent water spots. You also need to make sure that the colour does not run. If it does run, go back to the designer for advice.

9. When you are washing the full costume, submerge it in a bathtub with cold or slightly warm water and very mild soap that is especially made for delicate garments.

Gently spot rub the parts that are most likely to have more sweat, and swish around the entire garment for a few minutes. Then drain the tub and swish it around again in clear water. Repeat to get out all soap.

Always let your figure skating competition dresses dry by laying it out on a flat surface that is has some absorption, for example a bed or table that is covered with towels than sheets, not a flat plastic surface.

10. You should 100% expect to lose a few stones whenever you wash.

This is another reason to make sure that you have some extra rhinestones and glue on hand, or enough time to get some maintenance support from your designer.

Loose or missing stones are, however, very fixable and cause less damage than letting body oils and sweat discoloration stay on your beautiful figure skating competition dresses. Washing should never be something that you fear.

Spirals Designs hopes these tips will help you keep your figure skating competition dresses looking like new.

Please browse our gallery of custom figure skating competition dresses. Once you are done, feel free to contact Spirals Designs to arrange your in-person consultation. Read more about the ordering process.

Spirals Designs looks forward to working with you to create the perfect dress for your figure skating competition.

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