10 Things to Include in Your Cosplay Repair Kit

cosplay repair kit

Cosplay season is just around the corner. You’ve spent hours/weeks/days/months creating the perfect costume for the occasion. Nothing is worse than spending so much time, love, and care creating your cosplay outfit and something happens to damage it. Before you step out into the convention scene, be sure to pack your cosplay repair kit.

Below is a shopping list of 10 things you should include in your cosplay repair kit so that you are prepared for everything!

1. Small sewing kit with needle, thread that matches your costume, safety pins, and scissors.

If your cosplay outfit is made out of cloth materials, there is a good chance that it could tear. Especially if you have a skirt that trails to the floor and it gets stepped on. Aside from people stepping on your costume, seams can come apart with regular wear and tear, or if your costume gets caught. Be sure you are ready to do a quick hand-sewing job.

2. Hot glue gun and sticks

If your cosplay outfit contains armour, and has a lot of pieces made out of various hard materials—foam, WORBLA, cardboard, etc.—or has a lot of jeweling, pieces can fall off, get bumped off, and break for a variety of reasons. Especially in a crowded convention space. Be sure to have a hot glue gun so you can quickly get those pieces back together. Don’t forget the sticks!

3. Stain remover such as Tide sticks

So, you spilled your lunch on your outfit. Or, someone knocked into you while carrying a drink. If you carry around a stain remover stick, then you should be able to get back on the floor in no time.

4. Hairspray

Hairspray is great at removing some ink stains. You could use either aerosol or pump for stain removal purposes. Hairspray also helps to reduce static cling. In this case, aerosol would be best so that you can get an even coating and reduce wet spots.

5. Fabric glue

There are many types of fabric glue, so pay attention to what you pack. They can work differently on different fabrics, drying time can very, and some will dry looking more like caulk instead of being transparent. For quick fixes, use a quick drying glue, but the hold may not be as strong as a glue that can take several hours to dry.

6. Fabric tape

Your hem comes undone. You don’t have time to sit down and do a hem repair by hand. Carrying fabric tape will save time fixing certain seams.

7. Fashion tape

If your costume needs to stay in place without the use of straps, fashion tape is a must-have. You may think leaving your house or hotel room with what you have on will be enough. You will sweat throughout the day. As a result, the fashion tape will stop sticking and you may end up giving people a different type of show. Carrying fashion tape will allow you to sweat in confidence!

8. Velcro

Velcro is another great way to do quick repairs. There are many stick-on Velcro options, from tap to square pieces, to round dots. Carry a variety of Velcro on you so that you’re covered under all circumstances.

9. Hooks and eyes, sew on snaps, buttons, etc.

If your costume has any hooks and eyes, buttons, and/or sew on snaps, it is very important to carry replacements. Carry extras for anything that you have attached to your costume with thread.

10. Fray Check

Fray Check is a great product that will prevent and stop fraying. It will also keep any sewing ends secure in the event you have to do an emergency sewing fix. Unwanted spots can happen with Fray Check. These can be removed with either hairspray or rubbing alcohol. Before you leave for the convention, test a small piece of fabric from your costume with both hairspray and rubbing alcohol to make sure they do not discolour your costume.

Now that you have your cosplay repair kit packed, you can now enjoy your convention of choice with less stress!


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