Competitive Couture


Working with you to create a unique piece of fashion is the heart and soul of our company. Competitive Couture by Spirals Designs believes in making every costume or piece of practice wear special to the wearer. Whether it’s a figure skating dress or a Cosplay costume, we want it to be perfect for YOU.

Every design is made specifically to your body, style, and event. Competitive Couture by Spiral Designs pride ourselves on working directly with you through the entire process. We start with a conversation, photo, sketch, or music and then let it evolve from there.

Let Competitive Couture by work with you to complete your dream and vision.

Our Services Include:

Design consultations

Competitive costumes for figure skating and Ballroom and Latin dance

Custom figure skating and dance practice wear for men and ladies

Recital and showcase costumes for performers

Custom dancewear

Custom costumes for Cosplay/role-play

Custom tailoring

Custom stoning and embellishing of pre-made costumes

Once you have finished looking through our site, feel free to contact Spirals Designs to arrange your in-person consultation. Read more about the ordering process.

Spirals Designs looks forward to working with you to create the perfect competitive couture.

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